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The Masculine HD3 Idalgo Wristwatch

This Idalgo series from HD3 is very innovative, the size shows masculinity and the design was inspired by instrument in the racing car dashboard. This unique wristwatch was designed by Jorg Hysek and it really is inspired by speedometer and tachymeter of a racing car. Idalgo shows two automatic mechanical. In this futuristic wristwatch there are two calibers (ETA-based) united into one movement. there are only 33 HD3 Idalgo copies that come in gold, pink gold and platinum and by this time this unique wristwatch already sold out.

Vianney Halter Antiqua Wristwatch

This very unique wristwatch has three separated dial, each dial shows time, day and calendar. The Antiqua series from Vianney Halter looks like a science fiction wristwatch. The display is easy to look at and it has detailed hand finish. Vianney Halter also known for their unique design if you want to look different then this watch is the right choice for you.