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Jacob & Co Quentin Tourbillon

If you like gambling, maybe this wrist watch is a match for you. Quentin series is released by Jacob & Co and has a very unique looks that resembles a jackpot machine shape. This limited watch is made with tourbillon case, rubber strap and a display without a needle, instead they are using a rotating number to create a jackpot slot looks on the display. There are only 135 pieces of this luxurious wristwatch being produced in the whole world.

The Classic Contemporary Oyster GMT Master II by Rolex

Are you a fan of classic contemporary design ? if your answer is yes, then this Rolex Oyster GMT II would be a great accessories collection for you. This unique watch has less detail but still gives a luxurious looks with it’s 18 K of white gold in it’s frame, case and strap. The use of black color in the display background and at the outer part ring add a touch of dramatic and masculine on the design. The touch of glossy metal on the case and strap make a spectacular effect to this classic contemporary wristwatch.

Michel Jordi Luxurious Twins Titan Chrono Trator